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  Dt 28th July, 2022 khan India ramin zalenna a hmuh champha kum za na kum 2047 a Power intodelh (independent) neih hman tuma hmalakna Ujjwal Bharat - Ujjwal Bhavishya Power @ 2047 chungchang inhrilhhriatna, "Kawlphetha Kut" chu Serchhip P&E YMA Hall ah buatsaih a ni a. Pi Nazuk Kumar, IAS, Serchhip bawrhsap chu khuallian a ni. Khuallian Pi Nazuk Kumar chuan, Ujjwall Bharat - Ujjwall Bhavishya awmzia chu "mamawh khawp power neih a, hmakhaw duhawm tak neih" tihna a ni ber a, kan nitin nunah, zirnaah te, hriselna lam leh hospital ah te, kawng tinrengah power hnianghnar kan mamawh a, Mizoram pawh tlangram anih avangin tuilakna leh a semdarhna kawng thlengin power hnianghnar kan mamawh a ni. Chu kan mamawhna phuhruka kan hnianghnar power kan neih theih nan sawrkar laipui chuan hmalakna ropui tak a kalpui ta a ni, tiin kan ramin he ruahmanna a mamawh dan a sawi a. Mitinin power hnianghnar kan neih theih nana a semdarhna leh a inthlunkhawmna tha kan mamawh dante pawh

Khum 100 awmna tur Serchhip District Hospital Building thar sakna tur hmun samfai hnatlang pui neih ani

 Dt 4th June 2022  khan Serchhip All NGO Co-ordination Committee bultumin Serchhip leh Chhiahtlang inkar Bukpui  ramah  Serchhip  District Hospital building thar sakna  tura ram pek chu samfai hnatlang neih niin ,mi 300 chuang an thawk chhuak a,Chhiahtlang VC ten kawng  siam that nan JCB  an thawh bawk a ni.

Serchhip khawdai a  Bukpui ram hi P&E Department  te chuan  District Hospital sakna hmun atan an lo hlan fel tawh a ni.


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