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  Dt 28th July, 2022 khan India ramin zalenna a hmuh champha kum za na kum 2047 a Power intodelh (independent) neih hman tuma hmalakna Ujjwal Bharat - Ujjwal Bhavishya Power @ 2047 chungchang inhrilhhriatna, "Kawlphetha Kut" chu Serchhip P&E YMA Hall ah buatsaih a ni a. Pi Nazuk Kumar, IAS, Serchhip bawrhsap chu khuallian a ni. Khuallian Pi Nazuk Kumar chuan, Ujjwall Bharat - Ujjwall Bhavishya awmzia chu "mamawh khawp power neih a, hmakhaw duhawm tak neih" tihna a ni ber a, kan nitin nunah, zirnaah te, hriselna lam leh hospital ah te, kawng tinrengah power hnianghnar kan mamawh a, Mizoram pawh tlangram anih avangin tuilakna leh a semdarhna kawng thlengin power hnianghnar kan mamawh a ni. Chu kan mamawhna phuhruka kan hnianghnar power kan neih theih nan sawrkar laipui chuan hmalakna ropui tak a kalpui ta a ni, tiin kan ramin he ruahmanna a mamawh dan a sawi a. Mitinin power hnianghnar kan neih theih nana a semdarhna leh a inthlunkhawmna tha kan mamawh dante pawh

India khua leh tui,rethei te leh harsa zawk te tana hmathatna hrang hrang -PMJJBY, PMSBY leh APY te Mizoram Rural Bank,Serchhip Branch ah kalpui mek ani

 Sawrkar laipuiin a khua leh tuite tan hamthatna a siam hrang hrang zingah,mirethei leh harsa zawk Kum 18-50 inkar ten Kum 1 atan zel pawisa tlemte dah/chawi a, Damlohna leh Accident thil avanga  thihna an lo tawh palh pawh a Rs Nuaih 2 (2lks) thleng Insuarance /lu man  an bill theihna tur - Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) ( even the poorest of the poor can have a life insurance cover for Rs 2 lakh at less than 1 rupee a day under PMJJBY)ah leh India khua leh  tui mirethei leh harsa zawk Kum 18-70 inkar ten thlatin  an pawisa tlemte  dah a, thihna leh piansualna/ramtuileilo  a awmna khawp  chhiatna an tawh  palh a sawrkar in do let na  nen sum Rs 2lkhs thleng  an hmuh theihna - Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) ( an accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh at less than 1 rupee a month under PMSBY) ah  te bakah, chhungkaw  eizawng tu ber Kum 18-40 inkar ten Kum 60 an tlin hnuaah, pawisa dah zat ang zel a sawrkarin a do let na  Pension sum/hlawh  an hmuh  ve theih na tur- Atal Pension Yojana (APY) (All the citizens of the country in the age group 18 to 40 can subscribe for receiving pension after the age of 60 by paying a minimum amount of Rs 42 per month) chu Serchhip Disitrict chhung  Bank hrang hrangah te kalpui mek  ani.

Sawrkar laipuiin a khua leh tui rethei leh harsa te tan hamthatna a siam hrang hrang kalpuitute zingah,Mizoram Rural Bank ,Serchhip Branch ah hian Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) Scheme hnuaiah,Bank Account Holder/Beneficiaries  1711 inziak lut tawhin, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)ah  Bank Account Holder/Beneficiaries -1100 chuang  an inziah luh tawh bakah mi engemawzat chu Atal Pension Yojana (APY)-Scheme hnuaiah hian an iniziak  lut tawhin  APY a inziah  hna hi vawiin thleng hian kalpui mek a ni bawk.

India  Prime Minister zahawm tak  Shri Narendra Modi chuan  India khua leh tui, rethei  leh  harsa zawkten  Damlohna ,piansualna leh thihna hial  bakah  hnathawk thei tawhlo khawp a Upa annih  thleng  pawha  an  hmathatna tur heng Scheme hrang hrang -PMJJBY, PMSBY leh APY te hi Kum 2015 May Ni 9 khan  lo hawng  tawhin tunah hian a Kum 7 na kalpui mek  a ni.

 Kum  2020 hnulamah,heng Scheme  hrang hrang hnuaiah hian,Beneficiaries 6 te chuan   he hamthatna hi MRB Serchhip Branch  kaltlangin an lo dawng tawh  ani.


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